These are some of the latest documentaries that I have had the pleasure to work for

‘A Perfect PLanet’

Company: Silverback Films

Series Producer: 

Drone Pilot and Second Camera

Kit: Inspire II, Phantom 4 Pro, Red Camera, DJI Ronin

The story of Earth’s power and fragility. This is A Perfect Planet


Company: Plimsoll

Producer: Adrian Seymour

Camera Operator

Kit: Red Gemini, Canon CN20

Animal takes you on an emotional, immersive and revelatory ride

‘Seven Worlds One Planet’

Company: BBC NHU


Drone Pilor

Kit: DJI Inspire II + X7 lens

Seven unique continents, each one full of life partners

‘Wild Britain’

Company: Plimsol

Series Producer: Bill Markham

Drone Pilot

Kit: Phantom 4 PRO

Revealing the hidden lives of the animals that live in various habitats around Britain

‘Earth From Space’

Company: BBC NHU

Drone Pilot

Kit: DJI Inspire II

Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand new perspective